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The Tide of Mind

If I could,

I would float

and swim through

the disruptive, riding

waves of the

aching ocean.


But I can’t.


I’m immersed in the vital vault

that encourages me:

to endure; to persevere; to rest.


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A letter to you

Dear whoever

Dear whoever


don’t stress

stop waiting

you can not be silent



you are the thing people don’t understand

humans leave

the world is about pain.


sincerely Becky Forbes

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Symptoms that you have lost your life to exams

So you have exams? It’s inevitable that you’re social life is going to be destroyed, unless you are desiring to fail them all.  We all know that when exams are just around the corner, we begin to go a little bit crazy (to say the least). Here are a few symptoms that you’re losing the plot and you’ve actually lost your life to exams (this is not a reference to actual, physical suicide but suicide of the soul).

  • You’re always online shopping even though you’re skint
  • You’ve read the labels of the food you’ve eaten as a way to procrastinate
  • You’ve signed yourself up to loads of random websites (“of course I want to sign up to adopt a virtual cat”)
  • You’ve stalked everybody’s Facebook on your friends list (“omg he’s put on so much weight” or “it didn’t shock me that she’s got pregnant again”)
  • You’ve began to tweet more than ever
  • You instagram/snapchat pictures of revision to reassure yourself that you’re revising
  • You’ve become an avid tea drinker
  • You’ve practiced your autograph for when you become the new Bill Gates (“if he doesn’t have any GCSE’s and he’s a billionaire, then I’m sure that I could do it too”)
  • You’ve tested how long you can hold your breath for as a way to procrastinate
  • You’ve looked through old photos as a way to procrastinate
  • The cleanliness of your room fluctuates on a regular basis – it gets super messy due to drowning yourself with revision, then randomly you will tidy it as a way to procrastinate
  • Your photo album on your phone is just full of pictures that you took of the white board or other people’s notes
  • You’ve put on 328 lbs because of all the food that has fueled your revision





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