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His animated eyes are bulging with anticipation:

playtime; attention; food!

His distinct smell cuddles up to my nose and wriggles inside my nostrils.

I sneeze.

His ears perk and his charming head snaps

a little to the right.

He falls to the ground, whimpers and scrubs his skull-

he is just too much.


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Waiting for the white

The lilies that appeared

at my door


didn’t wake

until I stopped


As I turned

my back,

they looked out of the rain-trodden window

and waited for my eager eyes:

to return; to massage the cold pane.

I’m waiting.

I must

until the lilies whisper-

when the gentle whisper turns into a breeze.

I’ll turn around and bathe in the aroma

of the soft, pure petals.

The nectar-filled, cordovan bananas balance from the arm and

I’m thinking of how the nectar will

stick to my palms like syrup,

how it will stroke every wrinkle of my hand.

I want to create a collage with my ox-blood stains.



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