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The journey to Davy Jones’ Locker

My mind is lubricated

with the wine of thought-

it seeps pleasure

and craves empty bottles.

The tornado of infinite joy

licks the glass

like an overzealous lover.

When the glass becomes dry

the pirates’ wife comes out to play.

She teases my lips,

numbs my throat

then contaminates my cadaver

with her black, spicy spirit.

Her whisper is a

clap of thunder

and captures me

like a grapnel

as I become squiffy

and load the gun walls.



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Our fragments

I gave you the stars, you passed me a rose.

I told you a story, you sighed.

I listened to you and your tangled worries and waited for you to listen to mine.

I’m neglected and you’re still aching.

I can’t extricate the bonds

but I promise you that

I’ll always be patient.

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That caffeine high.

Coffee o’clock

insert creative fuel

#coffegasm Shhhh…

seduce my delusional heart.

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