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The best of two beautiful storms

The best of two beautiful stormsA little festival

between us.
This great invention

to display our emotions of wanting:

to turn pain on Earth

to make you smile

“I’m here for you”

you understand

there’s nothing left because you knew.




…I’ve posted this poem about 10 times and each time I post it the format looks awful. This is my final attempt of posting it so please forgive my poor soul if it appears shit.


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A letter to you

Dear whoever

Dear whoever

don’t stress

stop waiting

you can not be silent


you are the thing people don’t understand

humans leave

the world is about pain.

sincerely Becky Forbes

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And the cold air accumulates

I saw a tear on my left leather boot

last Wednesday evening.

I continued to wear them

because they still carried out their duties,

such as walking through tinnitus, beacons and illusions.

I knew they weren’t in a good condition.

Now I’m sat in a hospital.

My skinny jeans are restricting me

and I watch patients float through on trolleys.

The medics behind are camouflaged

and their voices contrast.

I wish I wasn’t so arrogant.

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Adjacent to the gentle animal


20140704-223442-81282750.jpgLast night I dreamt of the

free flying,

soft singing,

beautiful bird.


Its eyes were comparable,

its colours were interminable,

its voice was admirable.


I followed its song

through that short night

and when I woke up,

it was next to me.


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