15 things that you should write about

If you’re lacking inspiration and need some prompts on what to write about, nab a few ideas off me! If you have tried out a few of these ideas, I would love it if you shared your writing with me too.

  1. Things that fill you with rage and make you feel like you’re burning inside out
  2. Things that make you happy
  3. Your favourite animal (“why are you so obsessed with cats?” asked nobody, ever.)
  4. The funniest thing that you’ve done to your friend
  5. The time you were going through something difficult
  6. “Why do writers write?”
  7. Reasons why you hate that thing you really hate
  8. A letter to your ninety year-old self
  9. Your favourite poem/story/metaphor/quote
  10. Chose a random word from the dictionary, now use it to begin a story
  11. Describe a colour without using colours
  12. Reasons why you are amazing
  13. A secret you couldn’t keep
  14. Things that nobody knows about you
  15. A list to inspire other writers

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