Symptoms that you know me

Becky Forbes is the most wonderful person you will ever meet. Of course if you know her, you will know that this isn’t even her trying to be remotely sarcastic or funny- she genuinely is the most amazing person in the entire human race. So if you think that you have the following symptoms, you should feel incredibly blessed.

  • You know that her real name is Rebecca Crystal Mercer-Forbes
  • You know that her birthday is 2nd November
  • You know that she wants to study English Language
  • You know that she gets crabby when she’s hungry
  • You know that she’s crazy about cats
  • You know that she genuinely loves David Crystal
  • You know that she’s cheeky
  • You know that she’s got a weird sense of humour
  • You know that she’s clever
  • You know that the bullet point above was bullshit
  • You know that she’s very deep and likes to think of life as a metaphor
  • You know that basically everything she says will only make complete sense to herself
  • You know that she thinks that she’s always right
  • You know that she’s quite arrogant
  • You know that she has 578439 make up brushes
  • You know that she hates elbows
  • You know that she hates belly buttons
  • You know that she’s always wearing a dress (even right now)
  • You know that she loves all chocolate
  • You know that she has a matching Tiffany set
  • You know that she has a fab pandora collection
  • You know that she’s basically always on her phone
  • You know that she’s weird
  • You know that she doesn’t judge people on race, gender, intelligence, colour, religion, age, place of birth or your favourite food.
  • You know that she definitely judges people on the way they like their tea
  • You know that she judges people based on spelling, grammar, punctuation and sentence structures.
  • You know that she loves to go to Bangor for a night out
  • You know that she loves Katy Perry, Beyonce and Lady Gaga (and that she’s seen them all)
  • You know that she’s obviously procrastinating right now



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